Heating and Ventilation

Residential Ventilation and Heating Systems in Wellington 

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Heating and Ventilation

Does your home have a mould problem or issues with rising damp? Mainline Electrical in Wellington can provide you with a range of ventilation systems that will keep your home comfortable and dry all year round.

Installing an effective ventilation system will help to combat damp and prevent unhealthy mould spores from becoming a problem in your home. By maintaining a constant temperature, your home will be more resistant to mould and damp. Contact Mainline Electrical today to find out more.

Under-tile and In-Slab Heating

Now you can eliminate dampness from your bathroom yet retain warmth with our under-tile and in-slab heating systems. We use reliable Devi heating products to ensure your entire home is warm and comfortable.

Bathroom Ventilation and Heating

Reducing condensation in your bathroom can be acheived by installing ducted inline ceiling or wall fans, mirror pads, heated towel rails, heaters or under-tile heating. Mainline Electrical can also install heat recovery units that will heat the incoming fresh air and eliminate moisture.

Natural Ventilation 

Installing automated windows can provide your home with natural, eco-friendly ventilation during the summer months. Contact Mainline Electrical for more information.

Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning 

Stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer with a heat pump or air conditioning system from Mainline Electrical. Apart from the manufacturer's guarantee, you will benefit from Mainline's own rock solid guarantee on all products. Call us for more details.
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